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Thanks Arnaud!

I added a point which I find very urgent, I also make sure that this
week my audio works.

# Defining and documenting WG workflows[edit]
We can't do the actual work that our charter defines if we struggle with
our workflows and collaboration channels - Pavlik elf (talk) 14:03, 29
March 2015 (UTC)

* Agenda workflow - our meetings can stay much more productive if
participants *prepare* for them
** PROPOSAL: wiki page for n+1 meeting already exists during n meeting,
we prepare agenda together tue-fri and *close* it on friday
* Tracker workflow - if we need formal process to open and close issues,
things like e.g. ISSUE-29 Removing Activity Types not used by User
Stories will just slow us down. We tried using github for such details
and it this particular case it even may fit IG charter.
* Where WG & IG can work together? e.g. Vocabularies, Use Cases and
** ✗ mailing lists - membership restrictions, lack of participation from
IndieWeb folks
** ✗ W3C tracker - membership restrictions, no push notifications
** ✓ wiki - no push notifications
** ✓ IRC - no push notifications
** ✓ Github - using orga account e.g. w3c-social or various personal
accounts e.g. jasnell

see also:
* ISSUE-19 WG communication channel explosion
* ACTION-52 Discuss re github

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