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Vocabulary 'tutorial'?

From: Bassetti, Ann <ann.bassetti@boeing.com>
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2015 22:51:00 +0000
To: Social Web Working Group <public-socialweb@w3.org>, Social Interest Group <public-social-interest@w3.org>
CC: "Martin, Julie" <julie.martin@boeing.com>, "Donovan, Andrew R" <andrew.r.donovan@boeing.com>
Message-ID: <20150321225059.5628046.67702.24646@boeing.com>
Hello WG and IG compatriots --

(I am also cc'ing my Boeing colleagues,who are Vocabulary experts in our Technical Library. They met a couple weeks ago, with the IG Vocabulary Task Force.)

We talk about this and that vocabulary for the Social Web effort. I believe the Interest Group has a deliverable about vocabularies. But I, myself, am not totally clear on how this stuff works vis--vis vocabularies. Would someone be willing to give me (and anyone else who's interested) a small tutorial?

I'd really appreciate it, and would feel better equipped to understand what the IG needs to deliver on this point.

Thanks -- Ann

Ann Bassetti
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