Re: ACTION-5 and ACTON-12: Get clarification on PubSubHubbub

On 03/10/2015 02:18 PM, Harry Halpin wrote:
> Close these actions please.
> Brad Fitzpatrick did *not* sign off on W3C Community Group licensing
> agreement on Pubsubhubbub re patent commits.
> The original work is available under Apache License 2.0:
> The derived work is available under W3C Community Group licensing, but
> not with Google as a member:
> Brad was asked last in Nov 2013 and did not do so.
> Thus, we cannot recommend normative references to Pubsubhubbub in future
> W3C specs.
>   cheers,
>      harry
Thanks Harry!

I propose to give it 2min from Tracking of Actions and Issus during our
today's telecon. Just to make sure that we all understand this
resolution and no one has any further questions about PubSubHubBub.

For added your body of your email as note and for next few hours set it
as "Pending Review".


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