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social-ISSUE-21 (JSON-LD & RDF): Role of JSON-LD and RDF

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Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2015 12:05:47 +0000
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social-ISSUE-21 (JSON-LD & RDF): Role of JSON-LD and RDF


Raised by: Pavlik elf
On product: 

As of now we seem to go in circles in our conversations about role of JSON-LD and RDF. Erik even wrote a blog post about it: "JSON or RDF? Just Decide" - http://dret.typepad.com/dretblog/2015/02/json-or-rdf-just-decide.html

On Social Syntax wiki page I attempted to provide clearer view on Data Model, Serializations and Vocabularies

If we don't resolve this issue, we'll face it once again while we discuss various aspects of API, *following your nose*, Link Relations etc. Three of proposed API Candidates (offering complementary functionality) build on RDF and use JSON-LD - LDP, Hydra and LDF

During our face 2 face, we will meet with Annotation WG members to also discuss this issue. Besides that in Social IG: Liaison TF we try to coordinate our work with other W3C groups (mostly CGs e.g. Credentials CG, Hydra CG). Reusing well established RDF model can create solid foundation for extensibility and allow various groups to design *domain specific* vocabularies extending Core defined in Social WG.

Currently Erik works on AS1.0 specific extension mechanism - ASDL
* https://github.com/dret/ASDL

Also schema.org recently proposed new extension mechanism
* https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-vocabs/2015Feb/0052.html

Resolution of this issue can also propose Lite subset of the Full functionality defined in specs. Providing simplified perspective on technologies, lacking for example extensibility and namespaces but useful for implementing more trivial social interactions scenarios.

This issue serves as reference point and encouragement for resolving it ASAP
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