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"reification" usage

'Peter proposal' on typed literals

20030411 telecon: proposals for RDF Concepts

ACTION 2003-03-14#11 ([closed] horrocks-01 ??)

ACTION 2003-03-14#6: comments on semantics doc

ACTION 2003-03-14#7 Editor's working draft (Semantics), review.

ACTION 2003-03-28#8 done

ACTION 20030425#4 [was Re: timbl-03]

Action items from 2003-04-11 teleccon minutes.

Agenda for RDFCore WG Telecon 2003-04-04

Agenda for RDFCore WG Telecon 2003-04-11

anonymous individuals

Another Comment on Owl Ref {was: Re: Denotation of owl:Class)

belated regrets for RDFCore telecon 2004-04-04

call for agenda items and comment dispositions

Choice of RDF namespace URIs (proposal)

Combo Proposal xmlsch-03 xmlsch-04 pfps-13

comment horrocks-01

comments totals

completing the trawl of comments

concepts discussion Friday 21

Concepts slippage

Concepts: pfps-14 Social Meaning & authority for datatypes

danc-02: goofy literals - proposal to close

danc-04 add a triviallyTrue predicate

Dave's disposition on RDF Core issues

Denotation of owl:Class

domains of container membership properties

Draft other comments on OWL reference

Draft RDFCore Comments on Owl Reference

Four issues to move forward

Fwd: 2nd Last Call Announcement for DOM Events

Fwd: Last Call Announcement: MathML 2.0, second edition

Fwd: OWL Web Ontology Language Last Call Documents -- request for reviews

Fwd: Public Presentations: Let the W3C Communications Team promote yours!

Fwd: RE: RDF -- venn diagram for resources, literals, properties, statements?

Fwd: Semantic Web

help needed with RDFS issue pfps-12, wellformedness of lists

I'm *still* not getting list email


IRIs and NFC

Issue #danc-04 add a triviallyTrue predicate

Issue jsr-118 (global datatyping)

issue pfps-25

Issue timbl-03 "collection clutter" proposal to close

Issue timbl-03 Collection Clutter

Issue xmlsch-10 "canonical syntax" proposal to close

Issue xmlsch-11 "layering on xml" proposal to close

Issue xmlsch-12 "capricious syntax" proposal to close

language tags in typed RDF literals

LC Issue timbl-01 choices

Lost email

Messages lacking followup in rdf-comments

Minutes April 11th 2003

Minutes of RDFCore telecon, 2003-04-25

Next telecon agenda: proposals for RDF Concepts

nodeID on properties for refiication

Other thoughts on IRIs

Partial regrets for 2003-03-04 telcon

pfps-08 last call comment on typed literals

pfps-08 test cases

pfps-13 (was weekly call or agenda items)

pfps-13 facets in datatypes

pfps-14, additional revision

pfps-16, proposed resolution

pfps-16, proposed resolution (20030411)

pfps-16, proposed resolution (revised)

pfps-18, namespace v vocabulary in RDF Concepts

pfps-22, pfps-23, proposed resolution

pfps-22, pfps-23, proposed resolution (20030411)

potential regrets for this week's telecon

proposed closure of vass-02 / property instances

Proposed response for timbl-02 (reification semantics)

Proposed response for timbl-02 (reification semantics) (V2)

Proposed response for timbl-02 (reification semantics) (V3)

Proposed revision to URI fragment text in RDF Concepts

Proposed revision to URI fragment text in RDF Concepts (20030411)

Proposed revision to URI fragment text in RDF Concepts (update)

qu-02 Re: responses?

RDF -- venn diagram for resources, literals, properties, statements?

RDF Core LC Issue chas-01

RDF in SVG [was Re: reminder: RDF Core specs in Last Call]

RDF namespace documents comment

rdf:nodeID on properties for refiication

RDFcore 2003-03-28 draft minutes

RDFCore Comments on CC/PP last call WDD

Regrets 25th April

regrets for RDFCore telecon 2003-05-02

Regrets for this Friday

regrets RDFCore telecon 2003-04-25

Reminder: Owl reviews due

repost of minutes in swebscrapable form

Resolving LC comments (was: pfps-16, proposed resolution)


revisions to semantics

s+as review (fwd)

schema datatypes not to use in RDF

semantics editors draft

She will Thank You

sick / catching up

suggested response re proposed rdfs:Schema class

summary of lc comment status

swebscrape: scraping RDF from the minutes

Telecon minutes 2003-04-04

Test - please ignore

Test cases for literal equality?

tex-01 new proposal

tex-01, tex-02 -- did we decide?

tex-02, proposal to close


URGENT: train wreck coming, action needed. (was: Fwd: URI-CG group chartered)

URI coordination: blank URIs

URI-CG group chartered

weekly call for agenda items

weekly call for agenda items/dispositions

weekly call or agenda items

williams-01, proposal to close

williams-01, proposal to close (20030411)

williams-01, proposal to close (revised)

williams-01, proposal to close (sect 3.2)

XML literals and Semantics doc

XML Schema 1.0 Second Edition

XML Schema WG comments on RDF documents

xmlsch-01 Typed Literal Structure proposal to close

xmlsch-02 whitespace facet discussion

xmlsch-03 "lexical" mapping possible proposal plus discussion

xmlsch-04 values without lexical forms

xmlsch-04: values without lexical forms

xmlsch-12 closure (was Re: Minutes of RDFCore telecon, 2003-04-25)

Yet another tex-01 proposal

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