Agenda for RDFCore WG Telecon 2003-04-11

10:00:00 Fri Apr 11 2003 in America/New York duration 120 minutes

which is equivalent to
15:00:00 Fri Apr 11 2003 in Europe/London

Phone: +1-617-761-6200 (Zakim)#7332
irc: #rdfcore

1: Jeremy volunteered to scribe

2: Roll Call

3: Review Agenda

4: Next telecon 25 Apr 2003 1000 Boston Time
Omitting next week as it is a public holiday in some countries.

Volunteer Scribe

5: Minutes of 28 Mar 2003 telecon with corrections


6: Minutes of 04 Apr 2003 telecon


7: Confirm Status of Completed Actions

ACTION: 2002-02-26#1 bwm
Add to postponed issues list, URI


ACTION: 2003-03-14#1 jang
take a final pass of the -comments list to identify remaining items that have not been dealt with or been assigned process numbers 


ACTION: 2003-04-04#1 bwm
To send review comments (with addition of suggestion of adoption of DTed literals) to CC/PP


ACTION: 2003-04-04#10 daveb
Let RolandS know that bagId has been removed

8: reminder: reviewing Owl docs:
2003-03-28#1  danbri  review OWL Reference when published as Last Call
2003-03-28#2  janG  review OWL Reference when published as Last Call      
2003-03-28#3  bwm  review OWL Reference when published as Last Call      
2003-03-28#4  JanG  review OWL Semantics when published as Last Call

9: Status on Incoming Last Call Comments

Jan's list of messages without followup

Thanks are due to Jan for checking the list.  This is not the most fun
task by any means.
[all editorial, no ack]

[IIRC this has been responded to but I can't find the thread that deals
	with it]

[language tags and datatyped literal design, by Pat Hayes himself. This
is currently being debated on rdfcore]

[aaron's comment on 404s attached to pfps-14. No ack from Aaron]

Graham - in progress
[EricP's comment about examples in Primer. Frank's prompted him for
reasons why; this is to do with nonopaqueness issue of URLs. No response
from EricP but I think this is captured in other discussion]

[question about illformed collections. related to pfps-12 by Brian]

Pat, please can you take this one.
[ter Horst's editorial suggestions, last not ack'ed]

[DanC on member and collection; recall this being discussed, can't find
a closing message]

[late, another question about creating a class for rdfs:Schema. No ack]

[late, typo, no ack]

[late, JJC asking about appropriate behaviour for rdfs:foobar]

[Massimo: semantic support for Bag/Alt. This was discussed IIRC but I
can't find the thread]

[this is OK, but the response is in the Apr - Jun section, the question
is in Jan-Mar, just if you're looking for it]

2003-03-28#8  daveB  editorial comments for Syntax from XML 
       Schema review      
2003-03-28#9  jjc  update Concepts in light of XML Schema LC
        review editorial comments
2003-03-28#11  danbri  check for editorial actions on Schema from 
        XML Schema LC review

10: Status on responses to  Last Call Comments
Awaiting responses to:

11: Schedule
The current microschedule

Shows *2* more telecons for resolving comments:

[[Editors: please circulate a plan for resolving your comments in this
time frame.]]

This request has been made repeatedly without response.  Why?

12: Issue pfps-04,pfps-05,pfps-06,pfps-07,pfps-10

Pat's message:

ACTION 2003-03-14#6 (gk) review semantics editor's draft wrt
	changed arising out of pfps-04 -05 -06 -07 -08 -10

ACTION 2003-03-14#7 (jang) review semantics editor's draft wrt
	changed arising out of pfps-04 -05 -06 -07 -08 -10

ACTION: 2003-03-21#9  jjc  Check the details of the denotation of
         XMLLiterals in section 3.1 of Semantics WD draft

Awaiting Pat's followup to review comments.

13: Issue horrocks-01
ACTION 2003-03-14#11 (path) produce words for a resolution to horrocks-01

We need a formal disposition which I don't think we had before.  Therefore


WG not accept horrocks-01 for reasons stated in

Pat, please could you include in the formal response a reference to
the minutes containing the record of the WG's formal decision as in:

This is a check on the process - if you can't find such a link, you
shouldn't be sending out a formal response.



14: Issue tex-01

  ACTION 2003-04-04#11 (jjc) Produce a test case for tex-01 (as outlined
	in message
	with RDF/XML premise and conclusion inputs) and reply to
	issue raiser.


15: Namespace change

per jjc proposal:

Considering that:

   o the WG, have in multiple editions of WD's indicated its intention to 
not to change the URI REFS for the RDF and RDFS namespaces

   o the WG explicitly requested feedback on this intention

   o very little negative feedback has been received

   o there is significant cost and complexity in changing the namespace URI 

the RDFCore WG resolves

   o not to change the URI REFS for the RDF and RDFS namespaces

   o to ACTION the document editor's to make such editorial changes as are 
required by this decision



16: Concepts Issues

pfps-22, pfps-23:

pfps-16 (revised proposal):

williams-01 (revised proposal):

RDF fragment text, and revision: 

I'm a bit confused by the email traffic.  Are there specific proposals
for the WG to consider?


17: documents at end of RDF(S) namespace URI's

This agenda was produced by Jema, the Jena WG assistant, running on Jena 2

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