Telecon minutes 2003-04-04



Roll call:

  Dave Beckett
  Dan Brickley
  Jeremy Carroll
  Mike Dean
  Jan Grant (scribe)
  Pat Hayes
  Graham Klyne
  Frank Manola
  Brian McBride (chair)
  Eric Miller
  Steve Petschulat
  Patrick Stickler

Apologies received: Jos de Roo.

Review agenda:
	Since DaveB had to leave early due to timezone conflicts,
	the agenda was somewhat reshuffled. I've recorded here
	the items in the order they were addressed.

Next telecon:
	April 11 2003 10:00 Boston time. Scribe: Jeremy

Minutes of last telecon:
  Review of minutes carried over until next week.

Confirm status of completed actions:

Item 7: CC/PP review comments

  There was some discussion of the merit of getting a second group to
  ask XSD if 1/2 (rational) = 0.5 (decimal) but it was not felt to be
  vital to persue via this route.

  RESOLVED: (BWM propose, jang second, 0 agin 0 abst)
  To approve the review comments with the (tactful) addition that
  the WG suggest that CC/PP should adopt the use of datatyped literals.

  ACTION 2003-04-04#1 (bwm) To send review comments (with addition of
	suggestion of adoption of DTed literals) to CC/PP

Item 12: RDF in SVG.

  DaveB noted that RDF in SVG was much simpler than RDF in (x)HTML.

  ACTION 2003-04-04#2 (daveb) work on a small section on "RDF in SVG"
	for inclusion in the syntax document.

Item 16: Issue chas-01
  Proposed disposition:

  RESOLVED: (DaveB prop, jjc second, 0 agin 0 abst)
  The WG approved the comments in DaveB's response.

  ACTION 2003-04-04#3 (daveb) send response to chas-01 outlined in

Item 18: Issue timbl-02
  Proposed dispositions:

  ACTION 2003-04-04#4 (path) Editorial action to emphasise in SEMANTICS
	that reification is NOT quotation.

  ACTION 2003-04-04#5 (danbri) Editorial action to emphasise in SCHEMA
	that reification is NOT quotation.

  MikeD, PatS and FrankM all indicated that they had applications which
	relied on reification as it currently stands to operate

  RESOLVED: (prop PatS, second jjc, 0 agin 0 abst)
  The WG rejects comment timbl-02.

  ACTION 2003-04-04#6 (gk) Send response wrt timbl-02; draft response
	to rdfcore first.

Item 19: Issue timbl-01
  Proposed dispositions:

  DaveB noted that after much searching he'd found one user (RolandS)
  of bagId.

  When asked (although this issue does not mention rdf:id to reify
	single statements) MikeD said that his aplications were using
	rdf:id in that manner.

  RESOLVED: (Prop PatS, second danbri, 0 agin, path abst)
  The WG resolved to drop the bagId syntax.

  ACTION 2003-04-04#7 (daveb) Respond to timbl-01 (bagId).

  ACTION 2003-04-04#8 (daveb) Remove bagId from SYNTAX.

  ACTION 2003-04-04#9 (jang) Remove bagId tests from test cases.
	We need a 'bag Id removed' test case.

  ACTION 2003-04-04#10 (daveb) Let RolandS know that bagId has been

Item 11: Issues pfps-04 -05 -06 -07 -10

  GK's review (long) is now in:

Item 13: horrocks-01
  ACTION 2003-03-14#11 (path) produce words for a resolution to horrocks-01

  PatH: I'm doing that after the call.

Item 14: tex-01
  Jeremy's proposal:

  JanG wanted the premise and conclusion documents to be in RDF/XML,
  he and DaveB felt that lang tags should be normalised in NTriples.
  JJC said that with RDF/XML documents for the entailment test, the
  NTriples lang tag issue could be skirted.

  ACTION 2003-04-04#11 (jjc) Produce a test case for tex-01 (as outlined
	in message
	with RDF/XML premise and conclusion inputs) and reply to
	issue raiser.

Item 15: williams-02
  Proposed disposition:

  RESOLVED: (prop jjc, second gk, agin 0, abst 0)
  The WG resolved to remove the NFC constraint on RDF URI references.

  ACTION 2003-04-04#12 (jjc) review the test cases for NFC constraints.

  RESOLVED (prop bwm, second gk, 0 agin, jjc abst)
  We continue to use the term "RDF URI reference" [although we note that
  the definition currently aligns with that of an absolute IRI ref.]

  ACTION 2003-04-04#13 (jjc) respond to williams-02

Item 17: pfps-16
  GK's revised proposal (not in agenda)

  JJC was concerned that the changes proposed included editorial changes
  beyond those required to address pfps-16.

  The issue continues.

Item 20: jsr-118-01
  GK's proposal:

  BWM's proposal:

  RESOLVED: (prop gk, second jjc, 0 agin, 0 abst)
  Reject the JSR-118-01 comment for the reasons given in

  [We note that this issue was the hardest for the WG itself to reach
  agreement on; that there was dissent at the time]

  ACTION 2003-04-04#14 (gk) send response to jsr118-01

The meeting ended due to time constraints, with the chair much more
optimistic about the rate of progress :-)

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