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4. RDF Core URI Vocabulary and Namespaces (Normative)

RDF uses URI references to identify resources and properties. Certain URI 
references are reserved for use by RDF, and should not be used in ways not 
supported by the RDF specifications. Specifically, URI references with the 
following leading substrings are reserved for definition by the RDF 

     * (conventionally 
associated with namespace prefix rdf:)
     * (conventionally associated 
with namespace prefix rdfs:)

Used with the RDF/XML serialization, these URI prefix strings correspond to 
XML namespace names [XML-NS] associated with the RDF core vocabulary terms.

Note: these namespace names are the same as those used in earlier RDF 
documents [RDF-MS] [RDF-SCHEMA].

[[[NOTE FOR REVIEWERS: Some terms in these namespaces have been deprecated, 
some have been added, and some RDF schema terms have had their meaning 
changed. We invite community feedback regarding the relative costs of 
adopting these changes under the old namespace URIs vs creating new URIs 
for this revision of RDF.]]]

Vocabulary terms in the rdf: namespace are listed in section 5.1 of the RDF 
syntax specification [RDF-SYNTAX]. Some of these terms are defined by the 
RDF specifications to denote specific concepts. Others have purely 
syntactic purpose (e.g. rdf:ID is part of the RDF/XML syntax) and should 
not be used in RDF to denote any kind of resource.

Vocabulary terms defined in the rdfs: namespace are defined in the RDF 
schema vocabulary specification [RDF-VOCABULARY].

Any information about URI references in the RDF and RDFS vocabularies (i.e. 
those that start with the RDF or RDFS namespace name) that is not supported 
by the RDF specifications (including possible future revisions and 
extensions) should not be taken to be correct in all uses of RDF.

Graham Klyne
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