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Re: Minutes of RDFCore telecon, 2003-04-25

From: Brian McBride <bwm@hplb.hpl.hp.com>
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2003 21:50:15 +0100
Message-Id: <>
To: Jan Grant <Jan.Grant@bristol.ac.uk>, RDFCore Working Group <w3c-rdfcore-wg@w3.org>

Thanks Jan for sticking to the formatting.  I'm adding a couple of changes 
to help with the scraping.

Slight mods to make sure they are swebscrapable:

   o included hyphens in date as per previous practice
   o included swebscrape director line:



Agenda: [wrong subject]



NOTE: Actions have been transcribed according to


- the format is a little terse (suggest permitting multiline actions)

Roll call:
Dave Beckett
Dan Brickley
Dan Connolly
Mike Dean
Jan Grant
Pat Hayes
Frank Manola
Brian McBride (chair)
Eric Miller
Regrets: Graham Klyne, Patrick Stickler, Jos deRoo

Item 3: Review agenda.
Item 13 and 14 appear to be the same thing.

Item 4: Next telecon 2003-05-02 10:00 Boston Time
Scribe: Dave Beckett

Item 5: Minutes of 2003-04-11 with corrections

Item 8: pfps-07
PatH: the fix for this has been folded into the current editor's WD:
PROPOSED to accept the comment and resole it as in the current
semantics draft.
Prop: PatH; Second: JanG; 0 against; 0 abstain
date: 2003-04-25

ACTION 20030425#1 path send [closed] email for pfps-07

Item 9: pfps-10

This is a bugfix included in the current draft.

ACTION 20030425#2 jang add test case for pfps-10 (from originating email)
PROPOSED: to accept this and to close it with the fix in the editor's
working draft.
Prop PatH; Second JanG; against 0; abstain 0
Additional item: On pfps-08:
PatH: we initially 'rejected' this; it's now resolved to PFPS'
ACTION 20030425#3 path chase pfps response to pfps-08

Item 10: timbl-03

PROPOSED: to reject timbl-03 according to
Prop DaveB; Second JanG;
For: ILRT; Against: W3C, PatH; Abstain: FrankM, MikeD.
DanC pointed out the cost would be changes to Syntax, Test Cases,
ACTION 20030425#4 frank figure out the cost to PRIMER of accepting timbl-03
ACTION 20030425#5 danc figure out the cost to WebOnt of accepting timbl-03

Item 11: xmlsch-10
PROPOSED: to postpone this issue
Prop DaveB; Second DanC; Against 0; Abstain 0.
ACTION 20030425#6 daveb send response to xmlsch-10
ACTION 20030425#7 bwm allocate postponed issue id for xmlsch-10

Item 12: xmlsch-11
PatH: (points out last sentence needs grammaticising)
DaveB: Only options given were accept, reject, postpone.
DanC: then we sohuld add 'clarify'
PROPOSED: to 'clarify' xmlsch-11 along the lines of DaveB's response
Prop DaveB; Second DanC; against 0; abstain 0
ACTION 20030425#8 daveb respond to xmlsch-11

Item 13: xmlsch-12
With amendment: strike "sucks because".
With amendment: "the WG notes your offer of help and has asked the
coordination group to carry it forward"
PROPOSED to reject xmlsch-12 as detailed above
prop daveb; second path; against 0; abstain 0
ACTION 20030425#9 bwm postponed issue for xmlsch-12 (is it the same as for 
ACTION 20030425#10 em carry xmlsch WG's offer of help wrt xmlsch-12 to 
semantic web coordination group
ACTION 20030425#11 daveb respond to xmlsch-12

Item 15: xmlsch-01
In JJC's absence this was skipped after a brief discussion.

Item 16: xmlsch-02/xmlsch-03
In JJC's absence this was skipped after some discussion. Nobody had a
problem with semantics importing the notion of "lexical to value mapping"
from 3.3 of concepts (renaming it for clarity if required).

Item 17: pfps-04 pfps-05 pfps-06
PatH: I've not yet written out a full proof of the closure lemma
DanC: we have the option to say, 'enough', and report to the director
that we're satisfied, although the original commenter may not be.

Meeting closed.

jan grant, ILRT, University of Bristol. http://www.ilrt.bris.ac.uk/
Tel +44(0)117 9287088 Fax +44 (0)117 9287112 
http://ioctl.org/jan/Spreadsheet through network. Oh yeah.
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