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Web Platform Wednesdays: Please share & sign up for a property Julee Burdekin (Wednesday, 31 July)

Fwd: Problems with new folks posting to this list Kostas Bariotis (Wednesday, 31 July)

Participation Kostas Bariotis (Tuesday, 30 July)

Problems with new folks posting to this list Julee Burdekin (Wednesday, 31 July)

WPD and the account management Renoir B. (Wednesday, 31 July)

SQL error Lea Verou (Wednesday, 31 July)

Please review draft: Today's WPW blog post Julee (Wednesday, 31 July)

Volunteer to write up WPW blog post for tomorrow? Julee Burdekin (Wednesday, 31 July)

Talk sub-domain and chat page. Jonathan Garbee (Tuesday, 30 July)

<position> data type Lea Verou (Tuesday, 30 July)

Google calendar Julee (Monday, 29 July)

Improving contenteditable Jonathan Garbee (Monday, 29 July)

CSS Mask browser support for testing Greg Whitworth (Monday, 29 July)

Got a server error Greg Whitworth (Saturday, 27 July)

CSS values and units Eliezer Bernart (Friday, 26 July)

Fwd: Call For Proposals - Open Access Un/Conference: Promote, Impact, Assess Julee (Friday, 26 July)

Values of CSS properties Lea Verou (Thursday, 25 July)

No meeting tomorrow? Julee Burdekin (Thursday, 25 July)

draft of this week's WPW blog post Julee (Thursday, 25 July)

Please spread the word about this week's properties Julee Burdekin (Wednesday, 24 July)

Getting 503 Error Sarah Forst (Wednesday, 24 July)

Draft for email to CSS folks Lea Verou (Wednesday, 24 July)

It's up to you this week... Julee Burdekin (Wednesday, 24 July)

blog post for this week's WPW Julee Burdekin (Wednesday, 24 July)

TOC Sidebar Bug Doug Schepers (Tuesday, 23 July)

Fwd: Problem With Responsiveness on Mobile Phones for Elements Pages Renoir B. (Sunday, 21 July)

Problem With Responsiveness on Mobile Phones for Elements Pages Alex Bass (Saturday, 20 July)

What to do with CSS properties that have been renamed? Lea Verou (Saturday, 20 July)

Do we keep prefixes in the title of proprietary features? Lea Verou (Friday, 19 July)

Animation & masking properties need some help Julee Burdekin (Thursday, 18 July)

Standardization status when feature was dropped from the spec Lea Verou (Thursday, 18 July)

External Sources of Copy Sarah Forst (Thursday, 18 July)

Blog post is live, please (re)tweet Julee Burdekin (Wednesday, 17 July)

We need a blog post for this morning Julee Burdekin (Wednesday, 17 July)

Reserving CSS Work sudhan k (Tuesday, 16 July)

CSS edits workflow Lea Verou (Tuesday, 16 July)

Please sign up to improve page-break-* Julee Burdekin (Monday, 15 July)

Please welcome another ES translator! Julee (Monday, 15 July)

Cannot deploy to docs_test and nonshared, takes ages for blog Lea Verou (Monday, 15 July) meeting in an hour Julee Burdekin (Friday, 12 July)

Codio project Jonathan Garbee (Friday, 12 July)

CSS Properties - float - example added Rishabh Rao (Friday, 12 July)

MBFs for CSS Properties Julee (Thursday, 11 July)

Documenting ITS 2.0 attributes at WPD Jirka Kosek (Thursday, 11 July)

Standardization status Lea Verou (Thursday, 11 July)

Web Platform Doc Sprint Zurich, Aug 28, 2013 Andre Jay Meissner (Wednesday, 10 July)

Web Platform Wednesday Sarah Forst (Wednesday, 10 July)

Web Platform Wednesday: Week #9 Post Review Nic da Costa (Wednesday, 10 July)

Re: Anyone having problems with user pages? Ryan Lane (Tuesday, 9 July)

Move on to next WPW group? Julee (Tuesday, 9 July)

Do we have a mission statement? Julee (Tuesday, 9 July)

Please report skin bugs! Lea Verou (Tuesday, 9 July)

JavaScript page naming, round B Max Polk (Tuesday, 9 July)

Doc Sprint Amsterdam Paul Verbeek (Monday, 8 July)

Localisation Hanna K. Meyer (Friday, 5 July)

Blog post for Zurich DocSprint, in August Chris Mills (Thursday, 4 July)

Editing Template:Standardization_Status Lea Verou (Wednesday, 3 July)

Re: Uncaught ReferenceError: wgCommentsObjects is not defined Lea Verou (Wednesday, 3 July)

Dynamic homepage Lea Verou (Tuesday, 2 July)

Page naming for MSDN JS import Max Polk (Tuesday, 2 July)

Re: Revamping Flags Lea Verou (Tuesday, 2 July)

Webplatform localization Giona (Monday, 1 July)

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