Re: Problems with new folks posting to this list

Hi, Julee, Tobie-

For people who have never posted to a W3C list before, there is an 
additional step after they authorize their email [1]: a W3C Team member 
must approve them. This step cuts down on spam, but it does mean that 
sometimes a message site in the queue for a couple of days, unless one 
of the Team catches it immediately (there is no notification to list 
maintainers, again because of spam).

It is nice that we don't have much spam on this list, but I also 
recognize the barrier to entry for new contributors. I wonder if perhaps 
we can tell people to contact me directly to authorize them if there is 
a delay in their posts? Where would be the appropriate place to do that?



On 7/31/13 6:16 PM, Tobie Langel wrote:
> On Wednesday, July 31, 2013 at 10:25 PM, Julee Burdekin wrote:
>> Two new people have tried to post to this list without their email
>> ever showing up, at least since Friday. They both knew about and
>> responded to the email warning them about their email getting
>> posted publicly. But their emails never showed up.
> I'm noticing this issue on other W3C mailing lists. Opening a ticket
> with the systems team. Will keep you posted.
> --tobie

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