Re: External Sources of Copy

The WPD guidelines require that CC-BY-SA content (including from MDN) 
that is mixed in with other content needs to be wrapped in |<div 
class='license-cc-by-sa'>| to make it clear which content is covered by 
that license.

The person who copied the MDN content into this article *did* check the 
CC-BY-SA checkbox for the article and give attribution, which is good, 
but they neglected to wrap that content in a div. In this case, it looks 
like the Summary and Notes sections came from MDN. One of the code 
examples also came from MDN, but that code is public domain, so no 
special handling is needed.

I added the div to the Notes section, but the Summary field doesn't 
appear to accept that kind of HTML markup. Adding it to the Summary 
field causes the rendered page to display a message that the article 
does not have a summary.

I added a mention of MDN to the paragraph in the guidelines about mixing 
in CC-BY-SA content, just to make it explicit.


On 7/18/13 10:37 AM, Sarah Forst wrote:
> Ah okay, I missed that page when reading the instructions, checking 
> quickly, it looks like it does follow those guidelines, but I will 
> double check and rewrite the content where it makes sense.
> Thank you,
> Sarah
> On Thu, Jul 18, 2013 at 11:35 AM, Michael Champion (MS OPEN TECH) 
> < 
> <>> wrote:
>     Microsoft contributed a substantial amount of text to Web Platform
>     Docs on the understanding that the attribution would at the page
>     level.
>     You can take content word for word from the text that Microsoft
>     and other contributors explicitly offered to WPD. (Harvesting new
>     material from MSDN, MSN, HTML5 Rocks, etc. is another discussion)
>     The whole point of WPD is to have a community mash up content from
>     multiple sources, keep it up to date, and add value with code
>     samples, implementation reports, etc.  That will inevitably change
>     the original content to the point where it would be burdensome on
>     the community to track where each nugget of information came from.
>     Michael Champion
>     Sr. Program Manager
>     Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.
>     A subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation
>     ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>     *From:* Sarah Forst <
>     <>>
>     *Sent:* Thursday, July 18, 2013 8:19 AM
>     *To:* <>
>     *Subject:* External Sources of Copy
>     Hi -
>     Apologies for all of the questions, but I had some concerns about
>     content reuse on the page I'm editing:
> which I
>     signed up for last web platform wednesday but discovered someone
>     else had already filled out the content.
>     A large portion of the content from:
>, and I
>     think some of the other content is from Microsoft.
>     It's my understanding that since web platform is associated with
>     the w3c, reusing content from there is okay, but it seems somewhat
>     dubious to me to take content word for word from mozilla and
>     microsoft. There is an attribution at the bottom:
>     "/This article contains content originally from external sources./
>     Portions of this content come from the Mozilla Developer Network
>     cc-by-sa-small-wpd.svg
>     <>: Article
>     <>
>     Portions of this content come from the Microsoft Developer
>     Network: Windows Internet Explorer API reference Article
>     <>"
>     But to me, attributions like that should only be used for quoted
>     sections, not the majority of a documents copy. What is the policy
>     on this for web platform?
>     Thanks,
>     Sarah

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