Blog post for Zurich DocSprint, in August

Hi all,

Jay and I (mainly Jay) have been working on putting together a second European Doc Sprint, in Zurich, August 28th. I have written a blog post all about it, which can be previewed here:

Can those with access check it over and give me some feedback?

I'm particularly interesting in seeing what people think about our choice of subjects to work on. It obviously makes sense to continue working on CSS properties, but APIs are largely done, aren't they? Would it be an idea to start work on something else, such as HTML Elements and their DOM Interfaces? I worked on a prototype for the HTML element pages, at; Mike Smith also put in some work here, and has been thinking about porting some of his HTML info across.

The corresponding DOM Interface page, at, seems to be pretty unstructured, and it'd be nice to get some thoughts on how best structure these pages.

Best regards,

Chris Mills
Opera Software,
W3C Fellow, web education and
Author of "Practical CSS3: Develop and Design" (

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