Re: CSS values and units

Eliezer, correct me if I'm wrong, butŠ

Just to be clear, only the names starting with "|_ /" are new pages. "|_ "
is a section within the parent page.


From:  Eliezer Bernart <>
Date:  Tuesday, July 30, 2013 2:22 PM
To:  Lea Verou <>
Cc:  PhistucK <>, WebPlatform Public List
Subject:  Re: CSS values and units

Hello everyone,

Thanks for the feedback!

So, I made some updates in the scheme:

        |_ /keyword
                    |_ css-wide keywords
                    |_ author-defined identifiers
        |_ /string
        |_ /url
        |_ /integer
        |_ /number
        |_ /percentage
                    |_ %
        |_ /length
                    |_ absolute
                                |_ cm, mm, in, pt, pc, px
                    |_ relative
                                |_ em, ex, ch, rem
                                |_ vw, vh, vmin, vmax
        |_ /angle
                    |_ deg, grad, rad, turn
        |_ /frequency
                    |_ Hz, kHz
        |_ /resolution
                    |_ dpi, dpcm, dppx
        |_ /time
                    |_ s, ms
        |_ /color
        |_ /image
        |_ /position

Considering the fact that one unit always will be used with a same data
type. I don't think that is a good idea to have a specific page to each
unit, since we have no more than one or two paragraphs of content, group in
the respective values page sounds much better.

And, I do agreed with have a /css/values/color, imagining that this page
only have content related with the "color data type", the same to image and
position. About the hsl(), it's more relevant keep it in the functions
section, since every color function returns a color value.

Thanks again Lea, PhistucK and Julee.



Received on Tuesday, 30 July 2013 21:25:56 UTC