RE: CSS Mask browser support for testing

Thanks Phistuck, I was mainly curious what our precedence was for a property that isn’t fully usable at this point. I can copy over the information from the spec, but I feel that there should be some trigger that states this hasn’t been finalized nor should be used. Or, we simply don’t list it at all as I see our current setup to cause more issues than help without an “In your face” acknowledgement of the fact that this property, at this point in time, is useless for use in production.


I also don’t necessarily want to publish examples that can’t be fully tested, especially since they are adding additional items to their spec (eg: luminance)


Thanks again for the help.



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I believe no browser implements the latest specification (caniuse says that as well). I also think it is fairly new (and loosely based on the WebKit implementation).


On Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 4:05 AM, Greg Whitworth <> wrote:

Hey everyone,


I’m wanting to play with the mask property, does anyone know of a browser that has this (even on a beta level) that I can see it working? It seems almost identical (per the spec) to how -webkit-mask-image works so I am playing with that and can just convert the tags to mask-image, but I would love to actually test it with the real tags so I don’t unintentionally lead someone astray when this does become incorporated into the browsers.


Or should we just copy over the information from the W3 spec and then link at the bottom to -webkit-mask-image until the spec is completed and the major browsers have incorporated it?


Thank you for your input. 





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