Re: WPD and the account management

Hi, Renoir!

Oh my. What can I say, but thank you? We are getting a lot of people who
want to contribute. We are manually tracking them, and manually handing out
tasks, and so on, and my manuals are aching. ;-)

It would be great if we could have a place where the basic requirements were
laid out, so folks could vote on them, and so on. Maybe this should be a new
project in

I would like to think about this more, but here are some initial things I've
been pining for:

This may be understood in #7, but

* As a coordinator, I want to assign tasks to a user.


* As a coordinator, I want to know what a user has been working on recently.
* As a coordinator, I want to know all users who have contributed, but have
not contributed recently.
* As a coordinator, I want to know whom I've emailed (or otherwise
contacted) and when.

And I'm not sure how you would define a stakeholder role ‹ someone like a
community member or steward. But there's some basic functionality already in
existence on special:special page,[1] that should probably carry over, such
as a list of active users.[2]


* As a stakeholder, I want to know a user's email and IRC name, if the user
is willing to provide it.

Finally, I do agree that a higher priority is getting an analytics
dashboard. But even more, system stability and monitoring: some level of
reporting and confidence in our infrastructure, so we have a predictable
environment in which to work.

Again, I am so looking forward to this feature. Thanks much!




From:  "Renoir B." <>
Date:  Wednesday, July 31, 2013 12:23 PM
To:  WebPlatform Public List <>
Subject:  WPD and the account management

Hello people

I had this question in mind regarding the features to support and what is to

I think a good feature to add to begin with could be to simplify the sign up
process and the other applications.

Here are a few high-level feature I am suggesting for my first coding

Proposed initial backlog:
1.  As a person, I want to subscribe so I can be known as a user
2.  As a user, I want to start contributing by declaring my intention
3.  As a user, I'd like to know which pages I should start with
4.  As a coordinator, I want to know who said would work tonight
5.  As a user, I want to say on which document I am working on
6.  As a user, I want to tell when I am done working on a document
7.  As a coordinator, I want to give a list of documents that needs to be
worked on
8.  As a system, I want to make sure a user has access to whatever he has
access to

All of this could be made during a short sprint.

I would create an API end point and a very basic dashboard and a way to
allow users to not have to sign on/create account on other systems.

Estimated time: to analyze

I could make this sprint after I spent some time working on the Piwik
standalone instance.

It could be a first step for the CMS and be useful right now.


Renoir Boulanger
Software & Frontend developer

Received on Wednesday, 31 July 2013 20:12:19 UTC