Re: Standardization status

Hey Lea

They look awesome! I really like them.

Is there a key on one of our pages indicating what each indicator means? As
currently to determine what the indicator is ( *if you aren't already
familiar with them *) you have to hover over them, but what if this is
mobile or other touch devices? How are new user's going to know what the
indicator stands for?

Otherwise i think they look great!

// Nic da Costa

On 11 July 2013 06:54, Lea Verou <> wrote:

> A few days ago Doug asked me to redesign the standardization status
> ribbon, because it was misleading and too obtrusive.
> A very good point he made was that we should indicate what each status
> means, not just the name. For example, many people don’t know that Proposed
> Recommendations are more mature that Candidate Recommendations or that an
> Editor’s Draft comes before a Working Draft.
> So, we worked together on a standardization status that looks more like a
> progress indicator for W3C statuses. Today I worked a bit on the other,
> non-W3C statuses as well, so I wanted some feedback.
> Here’s a dabblet with all statuses:
> And here are various statuses in context:
> ED:
> WD:
> LC:
> CR:
> REC:
> Deprecated:
> Experimental:
> Also, I realized W3C Proposed Recommendation is not in the allowed
> statuses [1]. Someone should add it. I’d do it myself, but I’m not sure how.
> [1]:
> Thanks!
> Cheers,
> Lea
> Lea Verou
> W3C developer relations
> ✿ @leaverou

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