Move on to next WPW group?

Hi, folks:

Trying to reconstruct what happened on the WPW project while I was out, it
looks like 2 weeks ago, we did a blog[1] for group C (grid & column),[2] but
did not add the table to the WPW page[3] or recruit. A few grid-* properties
were done a the Seattle doc sprint[4] ‹ thank you! ‹ but we never assigned
the 18 other ones.

So we could revisit group C this week, but that would clearly move our
(soft) deadline past July.

Alternatively, we could move forward to group E (group D was pre-assigned to
the BlackBerry Tech Center folks)[5]. We'd revisit the remaining 18 group-C
properties later, during the miscellaneous week (group G), with the hopes of
a stronger contribution push during that last week of the project.

nicdaCosta and I are tending toward moving forward to group E. Please let us
know if you feel otherwise. We need to work on communicating what we're
doing first thing in the morning, so a quick response would be greatly



Received on Tuesday, 9 July 2013 21:32:07 UTC