Fwd: Problems with new folks posting to this list

(Julee: i shall get used to it)

Hey Julee and thanks for the guidance on irc,

just wanted to let people know that i will work on text-emphasis page later
this week. I 'll try to write code samples, report some cool tutorials and
check the values of the latest draft.


On Wed, Jul 31, 2013 at 11:25 PM, Julee Burdekin <jburdeki@adobe.com> wrote:

> Hello:
> Two new people have tried to post to this list without their email ever
> showing up, at least since Friday. They both knew about and responded to
> the email warning them about their email getting posted publicly. But their
> emails never showed up.
> I am very concerned that folks are trying to sign up for Web Platform
> Wednesdays, and are not getting noticed!
> One thing that seems to work is replying to a thread that has already
> started.
> So if you are having problems seeing your first email show up, please
> respond to this one to volunteer!
> Regards.
> Julee
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> julee@adobe.com
> @adobejulee

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