Re: Documenting ITS 2.0 attributes at WPD

Hi, Jirka:

This sounds really cool! I'd like to put this on the agenda for our
general meeting, which is Fridays, 16:00 UTC / Noon ET / 9:00 PT, to make
sure others are aware of this and agree that is the place
for this documentation.

Sounds like you could use its/attributes/, and then you'd have
its/elements/ as well? Anything else?

Also, we have 3 types of content: reference, such as you are suggesting,
tutorials, and conceptual overviews. Having at least one tutorial and one
conceptual article to go out with would be great. As an aside, can you
provide some pointers to a good overview about ITS 2.0? Did any of the
presentations get published from the showcase done in June?

Also, for your reference content, you probably need a special template
done up, so if you don't have anyone who know mediawiki templating, please
let us know. We're really low on template resources right now, but we'll
see what we can do.

Again, this sounds like a match to me. Let's see what others think.



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Subject: Documenting ITS 2.0 attributes at WPD

>ITS 2.0 specification ( will shortly become
>Proposed Recommendation. It extends HTML5 with dozen of attributes that
>start with its- prefix (similar to aria-). Our WG thinks that's
>worthwhile to put reference of its- attributes to WDP and we are willing
>to do necessary editorial work.
>Is ITS in scope of documentation presented in WDP?
>If so, what's the best place where we should put this information?
>Should we copy structure used by ARIA, eg. something like:
>for its-term attribute?
>Also in a long term it might be good idea to add additional top level
>documentation category called "I18N" or "Multilingual Web" and inside it
>put links to topics like encoding, Unicode, ITS, ...
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