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>     This proves that we have precedent for a more flat structure among
>     peers situated under a few carefully selected parent pages, in
>     this case, dom/objects, dom/methods, dom/events, dom/properties, etc.
> ​That is something that needs to be fixed per the latest guidelines 
> (when we agreed on the path structures for APIs). Events, methods and 
> properties should be under the object to which they belong. DOM is 
> just a low priority namespace right now, so the structure was not 
> fixed yet.
> ☆*PhistucK*

By "latest guidelines" I found this, is this the correct location?

There I see JavaScript statements begin with js/statements, and 
JavaScript operators begin with js/operators.There is no JavaScript 
objects prefix, and if it is missing I assume to follow suit it would 
then be js/objects.

Or is this the location of the latest guidelines?

Our recent discussions about page location seem to match neither of 
these two pages very well.

The architecture page is more voluminous, showing things like 
js/objects, js/functions, js/statements, and so forth.However, it looks 
like js/operators was moved to javascript/operators, so maybe that's 
still undecided:

As to the forms themselves, the New Page link for a JavaScript operator:

Takes you to a form edit that seems to be based on:

Searching for JavaScript forms I see perhaps only two so far: JavaScript 
Operator and JavaScript Statement form.

So based on everything above, I assert that:

* I need the latest guidelines location

* We need to decide on page location for objects

* We need to update the (right) guidelines page to include objects

* We need to create a form for JavaScript Objects

Only after this do I believe I can have any chance at moving forward 
converting the raw material into forms-compliant content.Sadly, the more 
I dig the more I realize I don't know.Happily, the wisdom of ignorance 
is a critical step in learning. :-)

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