Web Platform Doc Sprint Zurich, Aug 28, 2013

Hi all,

the 2nd european and 1st swiss Web Platform Doc Sprint<http://wpds-zurich.eventbrite.com/> [1] is now officially announced<http://blog.webplatform.org/2013/07/web-platform-doc-sprint-august-28-2013-zurich-switzerland/> [2] and already had great coverage on various social media platforms [FB<https://www.facebook.com/events/209330605886180/> 3] [XING<https://www.xing.com/events/web-platform-doc-sprint-zurich-1271361> 4] as well as in the well respected german podcast workingdraft.de<http://workingdraft.de/127/> [5].

We're running the event together with Zurichs Frontend Conference<http://2013.frontendconf.ch/workshops/> [6] and the amazing Co-working Space Colab<http://colab-zurich.ch/> [7], who are contributing by sponsoring 'themselves' as location.

We'll be running the event with a comparable set as the one in Berlin: Chris Mills acts as chief of content leading one group, supported by community contributor Rodney Rehm and Googles Mike West, who will each lead another group, whereas I will focus on logistics and overall happiness. ;)=

Microsoft Switzerland is currently looking into supporting the event as well. @All: we are still open for some budget contributions to buy more and better food, swag or whatnot... More experts on site welcome as well - don't be shy! ;)=

PLEASE HELP in communicating the event as broadly as possible, also by multiplication on the above mentioned social networks:

Signup URL to communicate: http://wpds-zurich.eventbrite.com/
Hashtag: #WPDS #FEC13
Mentions: @frontendconfCH @chrisdavidmills @klick_ass @mikewest @rodneyrehm @WebPlatform @ColabZurich

Feel free to post/share/tweet away your own messages to the crowds, and also schedule some more fitting the european timezone. And please do so today as well as the next days and weeks!

Could please somebody tweet out from @WebPlatform (@Doug, are you running this one? @Julee? Who else is?)?

So far for today!

Thanks for all your support,

[1] http://wpds-zurich.eventbrite.com/
[2] http://blog.webplatform.org/2013/07/web-platform-doc-sprint-august-28-2013-zurich-switzerland/
[3] https://www.facebook.com/events/209330605886180/
[4] https://www.xing.com/events/web-platform-doc-sprint-zurich-1271361
[5] http://workingdraft.de/127/
[6] http://2013.frontendconf.ch/workshops/
[7] http://colab-zurich.ch/

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