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> Hi, folks:
> We're technically in the few weeks of updating the content for the P0-P2
> CSS properties. In order to call this project done, and ask the world to
> come and partake, we have some related issues that must be fixed (mbf). In
> other words, besides the editing content and writing up samples, what else
> must be fixed before CSS properties project is called "Done." We talked
> about this before, and I think the following is a complete list:
> * compatibility tables (Doug's Action Item)
> * data types & units done
> * code samples switched from MSDN to
> * visual, or UI indication of whether or not any given page is ready for
> public consumption
> * schedule high-level CSS WG review (Doug's Action Item)
> * review from leading devrel people
> * incorporate Chris Coyers UI feedback (Lea's Action Item)
> * template change recommendations of WG? (e.g.: animatable is not a simple
> boolean)
> * a launch plan (Alex's Action Item)

I can still do this. I'm deliberately holding off until we get closer to
having the content figured out. Let me know if I should just take a stab

> So here's some requests:
>    1. Please review this mbf list and call out anything you think is
>    missing.
>    2. If you can take on any of these issues, please speak up!
> Looking forward to it!
> Julee
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