Re: Documenting ITS 2.0 attributes at WPD


to follow up, there is some background material about ITS so you can get
better understanding for what it is good for:

WG home page:

Specification (soon PR will be published at this URL):

Unfortunately videos from recent showcase are not yet available.

But to put it short and simplify it little, ITS is just bunch of
metadata expressed using attributes which makes localization and
translation much easier. For example you can use its-term attribute to
say that some piece of text is term and when it's translated terminology
database should be used for it, eg.:

<p>We need a new <span its-term=yes>motherboard</span></p>

> Sounds like you could use its/attributes/, and then you'd have
> its/elements/ as well? Anything else?

I would like to create few pages as a start to see whether current
templates are suitable for ITS. Is the correct URL where I should
create new pages?

> Also, we have 3 types of content: reference, such as you are suggesting,
> tutorials, and conceptual overviews. Having at least one tutorial and one
> conceptual article to go out with would be great.

Yep, I think that ITS WG should be able to contribute here, but I would
start with reference as it's easier and faster.

> As an aside, can you
> provide some pointers to a good overview about ITS 2.0? Did any of the
> presentations get published from the showcase done in June?

There were bunch of presentations, but seeing just slides alone doesn't
give much information. There are slides from recent ITS showcase linked
from the following page:

Also many talks done during MultilingualWeb Workshops touched ITS in
some way:

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