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Fwd: RFC 4790 on Internet Application Protocol Collation Registry Martin Duerst (Friday, 16 March)

Localizable CSS-as-XML language Brett Zamir (Sunday, 18 March)

ISDA 2007 - Final CFP Ajith Abraham (Friday, 16 March)

2 new Polish translations Richard Ishida (Thursday, 15 March)

How do I say ‘this is not in any language’ in XHTML/HTML Richard Ishida (Tuesday, 13 March)

Translation of working draft "Specifying Language in XHTML and HTML Content" CE Whitehead (Friday, 9 March)

Invalid relationship between bandwidth and spoken language Rotan Hanrahan (Friday, 9 March)

Re: IDNs, do they work? (some scripts are less equal than others). Najib Tounsi (Wednesday, 7 March)

3 new Polish translations Richard Ishida (Tuesday, 6 March)

For review: An Introduction to Multilingual Web Addresses Richard Ishida (Monday, 5 March)

Preliminary Localization of XHTML into Chinese Brett Zamir (Monday, 5 March)

about flags and languages Nicolas Krebs (Sunday, 4 March)

Re: CSS3 Text - Edit suggestions fantasai (Monday, 19 February)

natural language vs human language Christophe Strobbe (Monday, 12 February)

Two new Russian translations of i18n articles Richard Ishida (Monday, 5 February)

Re: [Moderator Action] joining a mailing list Felix Sasaki (Friday, 2 February)

Re: [CSS3 Text] punctuation-trim fantasai (Monday, 29 January)

On algorithm for indic text justification Felix Sasaki (Tuesday, 16 January)

[CSS3 Text] Japanese Iteration Marks fantasai (Wednesday, 10 January)

Re: [CSS3 Text] Tibetan justification fantasai (Tuesday, 9 January)

Unicode distribution? iris garden (Friday, 5 January)

Journal of Information Assurance and Security - Call for Papers Ajith Abraham (Tuesday, 2 January)

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