Re: Preliminary Localization of XHTML into Chinese

Brett Zamir wrote:
> Greetings all,
> I am not sure whether this may have been done before (I'd be surprised 
> if it hadn't), but since I haven't heard of it, here it goes...
> I wrote a preliminary XML language using Chinese characters to represent 
> the elements, attributes, and specified attribute values of XHTML--no 
> DTD or XML Schema yet--to be transformed by a XSLT sheet that I devised 
> (with translation help from my wife) into XHTML (or a modular variety 
> thereof). It manages to work fine (with a few nuances depending on 
> whether viewing in Explorer or Firefox), at least for the relatively 
> small files I've tested it on.

This might be useful for authoring on the server side, but you should not
encourage anyone to send it over the wire as a web page. The translation
to XHTML should be done on the server. The advantage of XHTML is that it
is a standardized language with known semantics. A translation of its tags
would just be arbitrary XML, which although it can be styled for graphical
browsers, isn't otherwise accessible because the semantics are unknown.



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