Re: CSS3 Text - Edit suggestions

On 2/22/2007 6:04 PM, fantasai wrote:
> Paul Nelson (ATC) wrote:
>> Personally, I would prefer removing the text and putting it in a note 
>> now
>> instead of after the draft is sent out.
> The point of putting the description of Tibetan justification in this
> draft is so that it gets documented somewhere. Removing the description
> before publication defeats that purpose.
Information about handling aspects of a particular script can also be 
documented as a Unicode Technical Note (see

UTNs are a great way to collect information that is useful and 
interesting to people engaged in implementing a script. UTNs can be 
submitted by anyone, and the requirements are deliberately 
non-restrictive. An informal review will establish that the contents are 
"of interest to implementers of the Unicode Standard" (which definitely 
would include information on handling texts in specific scripts) and 
that the contents do not contradict normative features of the Unicode 
Standard (which I can't imagine would apply here).

UTNs are a great solution for material that is useful, but not 
'standard' enough to make it into formal specifications.

The format requirements for UTNs are fairly low - in many cases, there's 
just a cover page added to an existing document.


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