Re: IDNs, do they work? (some scripts are less equal than others).

Richard Ishida wrote:
> Thanks, Najib.  I updated the results page with this information.
Just few remarks concerning the text.

1- The last sentence of the 1st paragraph:
"To some extent these tests are like the more general tests of IDN 
support, but they also introduce IDNs that are explicitly prohibited in 
the IDNA specification in the context of right-to-left scripts."

You may wish to add "namely, mixed RTL and LTR characters or numbers at 
the beginning/end of a RTL label" to explain why prohibited. You mention 
this later, but in the context of Firefox diplaying punycode instead of 
Unicode with .museum.

2- Section: Summary & conclusions. End of2nd paragraph:
"For the illegal combinations, IE7 and Safari produce no display at all, 
while Opera displays an illegal-url message."
Safari produces a display in the status bar. But produces no effect on 

3- Basic tests: date for Safari is 20070327


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