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I'm not sure whether any of the following character set standards might be
useful for point b) of this discussion or not:

GB/T 12345-90 (GB1)
GB/T 13131-9X (GB3)
GB/T 13132-9X (GB5)


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> Paul Nelson (ATC) wrote:
> > If font designers do not follow conventions, their glyph would be
> > trimmed out. Thus, CSS should follow JIS and other standards that font
> > vendors use.
> Paul, that's what we're trying to do, and it should work fine for
> Japanese. The problem is that
>    a) Simplified Chinese fonts don't always follow the standard in how
>       they place punctuation, so if we blindly follow the standard,
>       the glyphs in those fonts will get trimmed out. (Also, iirc, the
>       standard doesn't say anything about the placement of punctuation
>       within the glyph box for vertical text.)
>    b) I don't have access to any relevant standards for traditional
>       Chinese.
> ~fantasai

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