Re: Invalid relationship between bandwidth and spoken language

What Mark says is definitely true. Such an 'auto' value has been
proposed in the past so that scripts don't have to figure out
what text pieces they deal with when composing a page. But in
that case, that's not a really forceful justification.

Turning things around, one wonders if it wouldn't be easier to
just say that text fillin form fields just don't inhert bidi info
and always behave as bidi?

Also, what should happen in the case of neutral text (the obvious,
and frequent, case here being numeric input)?

An slightly different request that I seem to remember was that
there should be some mechanism to transmit bidirectionality
that a user selected for a form field back to the server.
The use case as I understand it would be to 

Regards,     Martin.

At 01:08 07/03/15, Mark Davis wrote:
>The key issue is when users are keying in text in a text entry box. It is quite common with websites in a RTL language for people to be entering in basically LTR text; and also not uncommon for those users to make use of LTR websites (like <>, and enter in RTL text, say to search for. If the text entry box is in the "wrong" direction for the text, it is very hard to read and edit. By having an "auto" option that uses the Unicode BIDI algorithm's default for setting the text direction (keying off the first strong direction character of each paragraph), it makes it much easier for users to read and edit the text that they are typing in. 
>On 3/14/07, Richard Ishida <<>> wrote:
>>Mark, Simon,
>>Could you put a few more words around this, explaining why it is needed and how you think it could be addressed?  Then we can discuss the proposal in the i18n core WG and, if agreed, forward to CSS and any other WGs for consideration. 
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