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RE: Invalid relationship between bandwidth and spoken language

From: Jonathan Rosenne <rosennej@qsm.co.il>
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2007 16:27:43 +0200
To: <www-international@w3.org>
Message-ID: <000b01c76257$1c568ee0$6502a8c0@QSM8>
This was a strange remark. For Arabic or Hebrew texts, little if any bidi
markup is needed. dir="rtl" on the HTML will do the work. As the referenced
article says, it is only needed for mixed content. And then there is no
difference between LTR text contained in an RTL document and RTL text
contained in an LTR document.

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Subject: RE: Invalid relationship between bandwidth and spoken language

Richard Ishida
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From: www-international-request@w3.org
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Sent: 09 March 2007 12:59
To: www-international@w3.org
Subject: Invalid relationship between bandwidth and spoken language

A colleague of mine, working in an Arabic speaking region of the world has
pointed out a comment [1] regarding the use of bidi markup, in which it is

"Removing them will significantly simplify the document, and reduce
bandwidth - which may be an important consideration in countries where
Arabic is spoken."

This line seems to suggest that there is an association between lack of
adequate network bandwidth and the speaking of Arabic, an implication I am
sure was not intended. Firstly, the effect of bidi markup on bandwidth
consumption is negligible compared to the accompanying graphics. Secondly,
any saving on payload size should be seen as universally beneficial, not
just for countries characterised by the language they speak.

I suggest that the closing part of that statement ("in countries where
Arabic is spoken") be removed from future revisions, as it is unnecessary
and open to misinterpretation.



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