Re: Comment on working draft "Specifying Language in XHTML and HTML Content"

You misunderstand. Nobody is trying to game the system. The issue is to
a) what actual, physical effects I should/may see out of doing each one of
these things, and
b) if there is a mismatch (I made it a large difference just for
illustration), what should/may the effects be?

Unless we can understand what the effects will be, what is the point of
advice one direction or the other?


On 3/14/07, John Cowan <> wrote:
> Mark Davis scripsit:
> > Thanks. That looks better, but still doesn't address my main concern.
> How
> > should my document be treated differently and by what processes if I
> make
> > the html lang be "en" and the HTTP tag be "fr" and the meta tag be "de"?
> See the .sig below for what should happen.
> Seriously, the BP addresses which mechanism to use if you are using
> just one, not when and how to game the system by using contradictory
> metadata in different locations.  That's like asking what to do
> with an attachment or download named "picture.gif" which on inspection
> turns out to be an executable.
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