Re: Preliminary Localization of XHTML into Chinese

Andrew Cunningham wrote:
> Steve Zilles wrote:
>> Why is using XML in a way that was intended such a bad idea?
> 1) consistency in converting from XML to XHTML. Everyone would need to 
> use the same XSLT transformation to have consistency.

the TEI i18n project provides an 
infrastructure to relate source language and target language tags. In 
this way, the consistency of the XSLT translation is assured. The input 
to the XSLT translation is like below:

 <elementSpec module="header" ident="taxonomy">
 <altIdent xml:lang="fr">taxinomie</altIdent>

meaning that the <taxonomy> element will be translated to <taxinomie> 
for french.
> 2) For XML 1.0, it could only work for some languages, and would 
> exclude many others.
use XML 1.1?

Regards, Felix.

Received on Wednesday, 7 March 2007 18:51:07 UTC