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[closed] chas-01 request to add aboutEachPrefix

[closed] issue #pfps-07 typed literals with lang tags

[closed] issue #pfps-10 untyped literals

[closed] Issue #qu-02 rdfs:member functional?

[closed] Issue horrocks-01 rdfs:comment semantics

[closed] Issue qu-01 Domain of rdfs:member

[Closed] JSR188-01, Global datatyping

[closed] macgregor-02, Propositional attitudes

[closed] pfps-01

[closed] pfps-03

[closed] pfps-03 translation to lbase

[closed] pfps-05

[closed] pfps-05 RDFS Closure Rules

[closed] pfps-07: Typed literals with lang tags

[closed] pfps-08

[closed] pfps-10 untyped literals

[closed] query on

[closed] RDF Core LC Issue timbl-03

[closed] RDF Core LC issue xmlsch-08

[closed] Re: [qu-04] rdfcore issue, 'rdf/xml representation'

[closed] Re: buglet in syntax / test cases

[Closed] Re: concepts doc: 404s aren't meaningful?

[closed] Re: file extension for RELAX NG Compact Schema

[closed] Re: invalid n-triples files in test cases

[closed] Re: Issue pfps-24 What is RDF Schema?

[closed] Re: nodeID

[closed] Re: pfps-25 schema semantics

[closed] Re: small error in RDF/XML Syntax Specification (Revised)

[closed] Re: the empty list

[closed] Re: Undefined terms in RDFS namespace

[closed] reagle-01 reagle-02 XMLLiterals and exc-c14n

[closed] tex-02 higher level matching rule for language tags

[closed] timbl-01 bagid needed

[closed] timbl-02, reification semantics

[closed] williams-01, What is a node in an RDF graph?

[closed] xmlsch-10 canonical syntax

[closed] xmlsch-11 layering on xml

[closed] xmlsch-12 capricious syntax

[closeed] williams-02 s/URIref/IRI/g

[qu-04] rdfcore issue, 'rdf/xml representation'

[vass-01] rdfcore issue 'flat layering'

[vass-02] rdfcore issue 'property instances' was: FORTH COMMENTS ON RDF Schema: Last Call

[webont-01] rdfcore issue 'rename schema'

A example use RDF cnahge content of hyperlink.

add a triviallyTrue predicate


buglet in syntax / test cases

Clarifications needed for the Collection construct

Comment on Last Call Working Draft of RDF Syntax document concerning blank node identifiers


danc-02 goofy literals [was 2 formalities in RDF concepts]

dealing with strings in RDF

domains and ranges in RDFS semantics

editorial buglet in n-triples

Entailment / Datalog Complete, Sound, Terminating / English Reasoning

error in Semantics document

Error with RDFS draft

file extension for RELAX NG Compact Schema


Fwd: [webont-01] rdfcore issue 'rename schema'

incompleteness in RDFS closure rules

incompleteness of rdf-closure

invalid n-triples files in test cases

Issue #danc-04 add a triviallyTrue predicate

Issue #horst-01 RDFS entailment lemma

Issue of support of Bag/Alt in RDF

issue pfps-25

keeping RDFS closure finite

language correction

Last Call comments on "Concepts and Abstract Syntax"

lean graphs in the semantics

Minor Comments on "RDF/XML Syntax Specification (Revised)"

more problems with closures


notes from talking to bijan

pfps-08 last call comment on typed literals

pfps-12 lists are not well formed

pfps-18,19,20,21 namespace v vocabulary

possible peculiarity with empty datatypes

problem introduced by recent change to RDF MT

problem with closures in RDF Semantics document (version of 6 June 2003)

problem with N-Triples

query on

question about attributes on the main document element

question about http://www.w3.org/2000/10/rdf-tests/rdfcore/rdfms-nested-bagIDs/test007.rdf

questionable statement in RDF semantics

RDF Concepts document Jan 23, lang comments

RDF in SVG [was Re: reminder: RDF Core specs in Last Call]

RDF last call comment: escaping of URI references in N-triples

RDF Schema: typo in description of rdfs:domain of rdfs:comment?

RDF Semantics: presenting the definition of rdfs interpretations

RDF Semantics: RDFS entailment lemma

rdfs:Schema Class

responses due for editorial changes (was Re: [closed] issue #pfps-10 untyped literals)

rules se1/2

search feature

Semantic Extensions

small error in RDF/XML Syntax Specification (Revised)

Statings -- Much ado about nothing

status of rdf, rdfs, and owl ``namespace files''

status of rdfs:Class

strange treatment of namespaces in RDF/XML

testing whether I'm still subscribed

tex-01 case of language tag [was RDF Concepts document Jan 23, lang comments]

the empty list

Turismo Rural - promoções fantásticas / promociones fantásticos

typed containers in RDFS: suggestions about the "long range" problem

Undefined terms in RDFS namespace

Values without lexical forms (xmlsch-04 your 2.2)

What happened?

What is RDF Schema?


XML Schema WG comments on RDF documents

xml:base irrelevant to same document reference

Your Mapping Solutions

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