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Brian McBride wrote:
>>I conjecture that the empty list is identified in RDF/XML by:
>>         <rdf:List rdf:about="rdf:nil" />
>>is it possible to (correct me if I am wrong or to) add this in one 
>>of the documents. I cannot find it.
>meet your need?

This what I used for infering what I wrote above. But if you are not 
completely RDF-litterate, like me, it is quite a pain to figure it 
out. I am affraid that some people are even more illiterate than I 
am, can you help them?

The difficulty is that the cited bit does not present nil in 
isolation (or let say as the subject of a triple), it is always used 
as the remainder of a list. Maybe:

rdf:nil rdf:type rdf:List

could help the triple litterate a bit.

Basically, what I would have liked is a bit of help in the primer...

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