Re: Clarifications needed for the Collection construct

Dear Karsten'

re. your comment at

The general point you make here can, I think, be summed up by saying 
that RDF does not impose any well-formedness conditions on its 
collection vocabulary, so that it is possible to write RDF graphs 
which make no 'sense' relative to the indicated intended 
interpretation of the collection vocabulary.  This is correct, as RDF 
provides no syntactic constraints of this kind.

You also ask about the reason for introducing the collection 
vocabulary. The collection vocabulary was requested by the DAML joint 
committee and the Webont WG. The difference between the collection 
and container vocabularies lies in the fact that it is possible to 
write an RDF graph which entails that the number of things in a 
collection  has an upper bound, while it is not possible to do that 
with the container vocabulary.

We have not made any changes to the document as a result of your 
comment.  Please reply to this email, copying 
indicating whether this decision is acceptable.

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