Re: [closed] pfps-08

>From: pat hayes <>
>Subject: [closed] pfps-08
>Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 14:28:44 -0500
>>  Peter,
>>  Re. your comment
>>  archived as pfps-08 at
>>  The WG had earlier rejected this comment; but further to subsequent
>>  discussions, we have now decided to accept it:
>>  Appropriate modifications have been made to the section on datatypes
>>  in the semantics document (section 3.4) , see
>>  of which the primary ones are that rdf:XMLLiteral is now required to
>>  be a genuine datatype in all datatyped D-interpretations, and the
>>  semantic conditions are stated in terms of the datatype itself rather
>>  than any particular URIref. The text now draws explicit attention to
>>  this:
>>  "The condition does not require that the URIref in the typed literal
>>  be the same as the associated       URIref of the datatype; this
>>  allows semantic extensions which can express identity conditions on
>>  URIrefs to draw appropriate conclusions. "
>>  We note that the WG has also decided to disallow language tags in all
>>  typed literals, including those typed with rdf:XMLLiteral, so that
>>  this case will follow exactly the same semantic conditions as other
>>  typed literals and will thereby support full equality reasoning on
>>  datatypes.
>>  Please reply to this message, CCing, to
>>  indicate if this decision is acceptable.
>>  Pat Hayes
>I don't understand what is going on here.  You appear to be saying that
>rdf:XMLLiteral is now a datatype just like all other datatypes (except that
>it is hard-coded into RDF in terpretations).  However, in Section 3.1 of
> (dated 18 May
>2003) I still see wording to the effect that there is special meaning given
>to language tags for typed literals with datatype rdf:XMLLiteral.  I do not
>view this as a satisfactory state of affairs.

Yes, you still see that wording because we are still arguing slightly 
about the *exact* way that XML literals will be described, and I do 
not want to rewrite the document more times that I absolutely must. 
Nevertheless, the decision to remove lang tags from XML typed 
literals has been taken and will be implemented, as I said in my 

If you prefer, we will wait for your response until the relevant 
edits to the document have been completed. I will send you another 
message to trigger this issue, with the same subject line.


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