Re: Issue #danc-04 add a triviallyTrue predicate

>Could you explain in a bit more detail what you're asking for?
>I'm having trouble understanding how an 'rdfs:triviallyTrue'
>predicate might work.
>>Consider adding to RDFS a triviallyTrue predicate;
>>    ?S rdfs:triviallyTrue ?O.
>>is true for all ?S and ?O.
>>(1) jeremy's digital signature application needs
>>to number bnodes
>>(2) folks are asking for all uses of rdfs:comment
>>to be vacuously true. This would provide that
>In particular, I don't yet understand how this would relate to
>the rdfs:comment concern. Is the idea that it should be
>impossible to assert something false with an rdfs:comment
>in the predicate role of a statement?
>(in which case, trivially true seems to be a class of

Good point. How about having TriviallyTrue be a class of properties? 

?P rdf:type rdf:TriviallyTrue .


?S ?P ?O .

? The problem for Ian might be that this couldn't be an OWL-DL property.

But this is starting to seem kind of silly to me, to be honest.


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Received on Friday, 25 April 2003 15:41:22 UTC