Re: Undefined terms in RDFS namespace

On Thu, 27 Feb 2003 13:49:40 +0100
Jeremy Carroll <> wrote:

> This is a late comment on RDF Vocabulary; I will understand if it is not
> addressed.
> For undefined terms in the RDF namespace, the syntax spec says:
> [Any other names are not defined and SHOULD generate a warning when
> encountered, but should otherwise behave normally.]
> There is no such indication of appropriate behaviour with rdfs:foobar.
> Is this deliberate, or an omission?

It was deliberate and an omission.  I wasn't proposing to further
restrict the set of terms at the RDF/XML syntax level or link
the syntax/particular vocab terms.

The paragraph refered to will be reworded for the next draft to
reflect the decision on clarity of vocabulary and (XML) namespace.
It also needs to more tightly define that the forbidden terms
include any starting with the URI or any XML namespace
with a namespace-name that is a prefix of that URI (I think you
brought this up elsewhere).

So, editorial changes are being made in this area but do you
consider this a substantial issue?  I'll wait for your response to
take the step of accepting it as a new issue or closing.


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