Re: [closed] pfps-05 RDFS Closure Rules

>From: pat hayes <>
>Subject: Re: [closed] pfps-05 RDFS Closure Rules
>Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 11:49:20 -0500
>>  >I believe that it is still not appropriate because I believe that
>>  >the intent in RDFS is that container membership properties can be applied
>>  >to non-containers.
>>  That is not my understanding. I will refer this to the WG for
>>  confirmation one way or the other. Can you document this intent?
>The recent messages about rdf:li in one of the RDF mailing lists should
>suffice.  There are numerous other such messages.
>>  >Third, the closure rules are unable to infer any rdfs:domain or rdfs:range
>>  >triples.  It thus appears to me that the RDFS closure procedure is still
>>  >incomplete as it will not include triples of the form
>>  >
>>  >	rdf:_n rdfs:range xx .
>>  >
>>  >(for whatever xx is deemed to be appropriate).
>>  I do not think this is an error in the rules. The domains and ranges
>>  for all the properties in the whole RDFS vocabulary are now included
>>  in the axiomatic triples table explicitly, and no other domains and
>>  range statements can be concluded using the RDFS semantic conditions
>>  (except possibly by inference paths involving subPropertyOf, which
>>  are covered by the rules).
>I don't see any domain or range triples for the rdf:_n properties in the
>current version (22) of this table.

Ah, yes, you are correct.  Thank you for finally drawing my attention 
to the relevant error.

OK, I have modified the statement (22a now) of the RDFS conditions so 
that the ranges and domains of the rdf:_n properties are specified by 
axiomatic triples rather than by conditions stated on the semantic 

I believe this covers all the cases needed, unless you can see any others?

>  > However, I have re-phrased the text immediately after the statement
>>  of the lemma ('captured'/justify) and added a sentence to emphasize
>>  that the entailment lemma as stated would not generalize to the case
>>  where the strengthened domain and range conditions apply and the
>>  modified rule set with rules 2a, 3a 4a' and 4b' are used.
>This is not about strengthened domain and range conditions.  It is instead
>about the domains and ranges that are directly specified in the RDFS
>semantic conditions.

OK, but I take it that you do not disapprove of the changes 
described, since they arise from a closely related point to the one 
you were making.

>>  >I note also that there are many changes to the RDF Semantics.  These
>>  >changes may have uncovered previously unnoticed issues and may themselves
>>  >have issues.
>>  If you have any issues, please raise them.
>How should this be done?

Send me an email?

>  > The changes are mostly
>>  rearrangements rather than substantial changes
>I disagree. 

Maybe it would help if you could indicate the changes which you 
consider to be substantial, so that we can pay them closer attention. 
(I will agree immediately that a large number of mistakes have been 
corrected, many of them found by you.)


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