Re: [closed] RDF Core LC issue xmlsch-08

>>>Noah Mendelsohn/Cambridge/IBM said:
> Out of curiosity, does this resolution allow one to also specify xsi:type? 

Specify?  I thought I covered that an attribute with that name could
appear but would not be possible to use in the way that XSD does,
would break content and wouldn't mean the same thing anyway - it
would be an RDF property.  The xsi namespace-name has no special
meaning in the RDF/XML syntax or the RDF model.

>  To the extent one wants to be able to view an RDF document as also being 
> XML, this would seem to be a desireable capability.  For example, I expect 
> it would trigger type assignment in XPath 2.0 and XML Query.   Can one 
> specify both in the case that a schema type is used?  Thanks.

Sorry, I don't understand the phrases "type assignment in XPath 2.0
and XML Query" or "specify both in the case that a schema type is used".

But I expect the answer is no, since RDF/XML was designed in 1998 to
interpret any properly declared XML attribute with a namespace as an
RDF property.  I've not considered how the XPath and XQuery 2.0 data
model deals with it.


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