Re: Statings -- Much ado about nothing

Hi Pat,

This decision is acceptable.  Subsequent to my initial comment, and after
reading things over a number of times,
I decided that wording of this section was not the root of problem -- I 
found more
problems with the wording of some other sections.  There have been a couple 
of adjustments
made to those other sections, so that wraps up my concerns.

Thanks, Bob

At 05:12 PM 4/21/2003 -0500, pat hayes wrote:
>Bob, re. your comment
>and the ensuing discussion. The WG felt that deletion of the section, as 
>requested, was not useful, and that the wording of the section was 
>sufficiently careful to avoid a reader having a false impression of the 
>intended meaning.
>A few sentences have been added to clarify the distinction between 
>reification as described here and quotation, as follows:
>"Note     that this way of understanding the reification vocabulary does 
>not interpret     reification as a form of quotation. Rather, the 
>reification describes the     relationship between a token of a triple and 
>the resources that triple refers     to. The reification can be read 
>intuitively as saying "'this piece of     RDF talks about these things" 
>rather than "this piece of RDF has     this form". ".
>Please reply to this email, copying indicating
>whether this decision is acceptable.
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