Re: language correction

>Thanks for your RDF Schema review comments,
>You comment on the diagram
>and suggest that the direction of the arrow indicates that "all agents
>are people" rather than "all people are agents".
>I've double-checked, and the diagram is OK, and consistent with the
>meaning of rdfs:subClassOf and the conventions for representing RDF
>graphs visually. A possible cause of concern is that rdfs:subClassOf may
>be named a little confusingly; you can try reading it as 'superClass'
>instead, ie. it points from a more specific class (eg. people) to a
>more general class (eg. agents, things etc).

I read it as 'is a subclass of' which seems to make intuitive sense. 
The use of the final "Of" is intended to suggest this reading, I 

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