RE: [closed] williams-01, What is a node in an RDF graph?


Apologies for the delay in responding...

I have taken a look at the wording in [1] which appears to be the WGs
resolution referenced from [2] (the full reference to [1] seems absent from

The proposal at [1] does address my comment. 

I do have a question about the second paragraph of section 3.1:

 " A URI reference or literal used as a node identifies what that node 
   represents.  A URI reference used as a predicate identifies the 
   relationship between the nodes it connects.  A predicate URI reference
   also be a node in the graph."

Given the first sentence, does a predicate identify a relationship between
the connected graph nodes (which is what the 2nd sentence says), or between
the things that the connected nodes represent?



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> Stuart,
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> The RDFcore working group have considered your comment:

suggesting that "Nodes in an RDF are ... labelled with a URI Reference 
...".   We recognize that the terminology used has been inconsistent, and 
have resolved:

to revise the terminology consistently in a different way to that you 
suggest, viz. that URI References *are* nodes in an RDF graph, in line with 
the terminology articulated by Pat Hayes [1].


(I also note that the description of abstract graph syntax in section 6 of 
Concepts is
already consistent with this terminology.)

Can you please respond to <> indicating whether this 
response is satisfactory.  Thank you.


Graham Klyne
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