Re: problem introduced by recent change to RDF MT

>The recent changes in the RDF MT (10a June 2003) have resulted in the
>following problem:
>An rdf interpretation I is now of an arbitrary vocabulary V.  This means that
>the domain of IS is V.  However, V does not necessarily include the members
>of the RDF vocabulary.

True; this was deliberate.

>  This results in the potential breakdown of the RDF
>semantic conditions.  For example, there might not be a domain element
>corresponding to rdf:type.

There might not, indeed, in a simple interpretation of an RDF graph 
which did not use the URIref rdf:type; that was true previously, of 
course. However, the RDF semantic conditions require that 
IEXT(I(rdf:type)) contain at least infinitely many pairs of the form 
<x, I(rdf:XMLLiteral)>, so require that I(rdf:type) be in IP; and the 
first semantic condition requires that IP be a subset of IR, in every 
rdf-interpretation. So the conditions do not break down for rdf- (or 
rdfs-) interpretations.


PS. It may not be appropriate to be discussing details of an 
editorial draft on rdf-comments while it is in a state of flux.

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Received on Wednesday, 11 June 2003 16:50:57 UTC