Re: pfps-08 last call comment on typed literals

>From: pat hayes <>
>Subject: Re: pfps-08 last call comment on typed literals
>Date: Fri, 2 May 2003 18:32:19 -0500
>>  >Note that even this would not eliminate all the concerns I have with
>>  >rdf:XMLLiteral.
>>  Suppose (just suppose, mark you) that lang tags were eliminated
>>  altogether from the graph syntax, even from XML literals, and
>>  rdf:XMLLiteral were a built-in datatype with a lexical-to-value map
>>  which simply applies an XML canonicalization to the literal string.
>>  Might that overcome your concerns, if it were done in a suitable way?
>>  Pat
>This would be much better.
>However, the lexical-to-value map for rdf:XMLLiteral is rather bogus right
>now.  Why should there be the extra ``junk'' added, for example?  It seems
>to me that it would be better to have the denotation of
>	"<xxx></xxx>"^^rdf:XMLLiteral
>	"<xxx></xxx>"
>and not
>	"<rdf-wrapper ....><xxx></xxx></rdf-wrapper>"

Please take that one up with Jeremy. I defer to him on matters 
concerned with XML syntax.


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