more problems with closures

It occurs to me that all the closures are incomplete.

For example,

	ex:a ex:b ex:c .
	ex:d ex:e ex:c .


	ex:a ex:b _:x .
	ex:d ex:e _:x .

but that this cannot be derived in any of the closure rule sets.

This means that the characterisation of the instance lemma by rules se1 and
se2 is incorrect.

Also, as the canonical form of an XML document is some sort of string, 

	ex:a ex:b "2"^^rdf:XMLLiteral


	ex:a ex:b "...."

where .... is the string that is the canonical form of "2".  This is not
however implied by the RDF closure rules.


Received on Saturday, 31 May 2003 20:30:17 UTC