issue pfps-25

Although this issue is posted against Schema, I would like to resolve 
part (all?) of it by modifying the semantics document, if the WG 
agrees. The comment concerning rdf:XMLLiteral has already been 
addressed in the current editor's draft, and I accept the third 
point, concerning the missing assertions of 'trivial' domains and 
ranges, as a needed correction to the semantics document. These 
assertions will be made explicit in the tables, and the textual 
comment concerning their triviality will be modified or omitted. This 
correction will also enable a simplification to the statement of the 
RDFS closure rules, as noted earlier by Herman ter Horst.

This will leave only the first part of pfps-25 as an open issue, and 
this also may be rendered moot by edits to the semantics document 
arising from other comments. I will comment on this one way or the 
other by next Monday.

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Received on Thursday, 3 April 2003 20:24:46 UTC