Re: Statings -- Much ado about nothing

Bob, re. your comment

and the ensuing discussion. The WG felt that deletion of the section, 
as requested, was not useful, and that the wording of the section was 
sufficiently careful to avoid a reader having a false impression of 
the intended meaning.

A few sentences have been added to clarify the distinction between 
reification as described here and quotation, as follows:
"Note     that this way of understanding the reification vocabulary 
does not interpret     reification as a form of quotation. Rather, 
the reification describes the     relationship between a token of a 
triple and the resources that triple refers     to. The reification 
can be read intuitively as saying "'this piece of     RDF talks about 
these things" rather than "this piece of RDF has     this form". ".

Please reply to this email, copying indicating
whether this decision is acceptable.

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