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[admin] Regrets, 20 Feb SWBPD telecon

[ALL/OEP] Minutes of 2006-01-30 Telecon

[ALL] agenda 20 Fen telecon 1800 UTC

[ALL] Draft message to TAG re httpRange-14

[ALL] Proposal to move MMTF image annotation editor's draft to public working draft

[ALL] RDF/A Primer Version

[ALL} agenda 6 Feb 1800 UTC

[HTML] comments on RDF/A primer

[MM/ALL] MM TF teleconf minutes of 22/02/2006

[MM/ALL] MM TF teleconf minutes of 8/2/2006

[MM] 2n deliverable - EXIF progress

[MM] Comments on Image Annotation Note

[MM] Comments on Image Annotation Note (followup)

[MM] Description of Visual Description Ontology

[MM] EVERPLAY: XML-based Consumer Imaging Standards

[MM] First version of multimedia ontology requirements document

[MM] Fw: CFP - Fourth Special Workshop on Multimedia Semantics

[MM] Gallery Schema

[MM] Ideas on Multimedia Semantics XG Proposal

[MM] Image Annotation editor's draft: shuttle vs rocket

[MM] Image Annotation for the Semantic web - Review

[MM] Multimedia Ontology Alignment

[MM] Next MM TF Teleconference

[MM] semantics and image/video analysis - special issue of IEEE T-MM

[MM] Standards _not_ to discuss in the interoperability draft

[OEP] lack of OMG review

[OEP] New Editor's Draft of Semantic Interoperability & Integration Note

[PORT] Chinese translation of SKOS Core (was Re: Chinese (translated by Guoliang Shi))

[PORT] SKOS Core English annotations

[PORT] SKOS Core Guide use of lang tags

[PORT] SKOS Core Issues and proposals

[PORT] SKOS Core italian annotations

[PORT] SKOS planning to 31 April

[PORT] Updated French translation of SKOS Core (was Re: Concept vs Resource in SKOS annotations)

[PORT] use cases

[RDF/A] A non-XHTML Example

[RDFTM] Agenda for next editors' meeting

[RDFTM] Comments on the recent editor's draft from the ODM working group

[RDFTM] Guidelines: Editor's draft for review

[RDFTM] Minutes of editors' meeting

[sc34wg3] RE: [RDFTM] Guidelines: Editor's draft for review

[Tutorials] Tutorials page quality assessment

[VM] 'Best Practice Recipes ... ' v 1.8

[VM] 2006-02-07 telecon report

[VM] 2006-02-14 Telecon report

[VM] cookbook issue in naming 'hash namespaces'

[VM] Moving Cookbook to Working Draft

[VM] notes on content negotiation and conditional redirects

[VM] Request publication as Working Draft

[VM] Response to reviews - attn DavidB and Andreas

[VM] Telecon - 2006-02-07 - 1500 UTC

[VM] Telecon report 2006-02-01

[VM] Telecon today, 2006-02-14

[WN] New draft

[WN] RDF version of WordNet

[WN] Wordnet review

Agenda Amendments for 20 Feb (was Re: [ALL] agenda 20 Fen telecon 1800 UTC)

comments on Guidelines for RDF/Topic Maps Interoperability

Confusion on httpRange-14 decision

Expections for OWL Time evolution

grounding wordnet in the web

is America/Chicago a time standard, or just CDT/CST?

meeting record: 2006-02-20 SWBPD WG telecon

Minutes of SWBP WG 2006-02-06

Missing Wordnet documentation

Practical applications of networking standards for KOS

Race condition for WSDL RDF mapping?

RDF/Topic Maps Interoperability Survey is now a W3C Working Group Note

Re-review of "Best Practice Recipes for Publishing RDF Vocabularies" (Apache cookbook)


Regrets....Re: [ALL] agenda 20 Fen telecon 1800 UTC

Regrets: Telecon 6 Feb 1800 UTC

SemWeb Education and Outreach action

SPARQL Comments (Personal) [OK?]

Submission of DBin as SW app

time ontology should allow "conference1 after conference2"

URI space for ontologies

WNet review

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